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As we visit US state parks we will write a review with detailed information you can’t get without actually visiting. Get the inside scoop.

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Follow us as we discover divine nature in people and places

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  • Best Gear 🧳 for RVs

    Best Gear 🧳 for RVs

    Campervan Must Haves 🚐 Check out the new page I added to the menu. There you will find my favorite must haves and the best gear to maximize your small living space and to magnify the enjoyment of your home on the road. —————————————– Click this link for the Best Gear Page —————————————– Access to…

  • Casual Kayak Review

    Casual Kayak Review

    Top Kayak Options To Consider My top choices in choosing a kayak to purchase was considering these options: Important Kayak Options Lightweight To transport to the shore and onto car top 50 lbs max Sturdy No seams, one piece frame can’t split One-piece frame Sit-Inside Lower center of gravity makes it more stable; protects from…

  • Curt Gowdy State Park

    Curt Gowdy State Park

    South East Corner of Wyoming We love this beautiful park with the unique, looming rock formations, reservoirs, trails, wildlife, birds, wild flowers and western landscapes situated in the foothills of the Laramie Mountains. Location – Curt Gowdy State Park is located on highway 210, about halfway between the historic city of Cheyenne, the capital of…

  • Lake Bistineau State Park

    Lake Bistineau State Park

    North Western Louisiana January 3, 2023 We took an impromptu trip after Christmas and wanted to just go south to get warm and thought we would head toward Louisiana from Arkansas, through those two states we have never been to before. I thought the cypress swamps were intriguing and based on the description, this park…

  • Van Windows – Winking

    Van Windows – Winking

    November 16, 2021 “…Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes, And Nod is a little head, And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies Is a wee one’s trundle-bed; So shut your eyes while Mother sings Of wonderful sights that be, And you shall see the beautiful things As you rock in the misty sea…

  • Van Flooring – How Firm a Foundation?

    Van Flooring – How Firm a Foundation?

    November 18, 21 Which custom floor build is going to take on the lively bumpy trails of adventure we have in store? Mr. Knightley is our Ford Transit, high roof, 350 AWD van. What is layered, leveled, sealed, and insulated to make the best foundation to strengthen, buffer and beautify the foundation; the floor? What…

  • Camper Van Bed Direction

    Camper Van Bed Direction

    Lay Down Sideways Sleeping? Our sideways sleeping prototype works for our 6’2” Bill which would save space along the sides for other essentials like most other van camper builds do, but is that what we do just because others have tried it out first and think it is the best option? It doesn’t quite feel…