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Campervan Construction Begins

Not even winter in Cheyenne, Wyoming is going to stop us from getting started on our campervan construction. It’s 25 degrees out and windy, but we got the van started up and got our handy, dandy electric, oil filled radiator going inside, cracked the windows for ventilation and got started. Over the years, Bill has been watching every video he can find to research how to build out a campervan and the different methods others have used to determine what is best for us. He ordered a lot of materials on Amazon and we purchased other multiple items from the local hardware stores to get started.

We used denatured alcohol to clean the areas we wanted to attach the noise insulation to and put some insulation in a few of the panels to start the process before Bill had to get to some other work for his business. So, I got back to working on some curtains.


Jasco Denatured Alcocol – Loews

Noico sound insulation purchased – Amazon 2 Boxes job completed

Milwaukee Jobsite Offset Scissors with Iron Carbide Blades – Home Depot

uxcell Car Sound Deadener Application Rolling Wheel Roller – Amazon

3M Hi-Strength 90 Contact Adheisive – Amazon

3M Thinsulate Acoustic/Thermal Insulation SM600L (10′ x 60″) – Amazon 10′ roll and 40′ roll, job incomplete