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As we visit US state parks we will write a review with detailed information you can’t get without actually visiting. Get the inside scoop.

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Sewing Projects for the Van

Getting started on sewing projects for the van! It’s too cold to insulate; very funny. Seriously though, these sewing projects I can do in between working with Bill on Mr. Knightly. So, here we go! I spent just over $300 on material and they were all on sale!! I have plans for curtains, mattress covers for our daytime bench area, and stuff sacks for our sleeping bags, along with sewing pillow cases, screens and window shades. First, I started on the privacy curtains for between the cab and the living quarters. For now, we purchased a simple shower curtain rod that fits in a good spot.

Sewing Projects Are In the Works

I love this linen-like materal, not pictured above.
I love this linen-like materal, not pictured above.