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Van Build in Sub-Zero Temps?!

Not even Winter is going to stop us from getting sarted on the construction. Nope. The week started out in the 20’s but got colder and colder, brrrr.

But, we already had an electric, oil radiator and with an extension cord. It was perfect to keep us warm enough to apply the Noico sound insulation that has a peel and stick back. Supposedly, everyone says it stops your van from sounding like a rattle trap while driving. It’s fairly cheap and easy to install so we got going on our first step toward our dream to travel in our own camper van build.

We also stuck some 3M Thinsulate in a few of the wall panels. Besides not freezing our fingers and toes, we wanted to make sure the spray-on adhesive was going to stick. By the end of the week, it was below zero for a few days with a wind chill at its lowest, -29. That’s not a typo. Ummm, no.

Keeping the engine and the radiator running didn’t seem reasonable anymore, so, we did more research and watched more YouTube videos in the warmth of our new house. We continued brain storming on the best floor plan for us since we don’t need to decide just yet.