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We Bought Our Van!

Bill says, “Hey Honey! How about a day trip down to Fort Collins to look at vans to see if anyone has any?” This is not out of the blue for him. I roll with it, but it is no longer a far off dream. This could happen now.

I can’t count how many times we eyed all of the van options and weighed the pros and cons of each to build our camper van. But, now that we have downsized from our big 5-bedroom house and the 4 kids are grown and (mostly) on their own, we can consider this a reality now. So, we took the 40-minute drive down from our new little home on the range in Cheyenne, WY to a ProMaster dealer and walked around inside a front-wheel-drive van that was just tall enough inside, and got a quote on one of their next deliveries arriving in 2-3 months.

Before checking out the Sprinter dealer, we decided to look at what Ford had to offer. Bill is 6’2″ so we really wanted to get the feel of the higher roof in the Ford Transit. All of these types of vans are in huge demand and months away from deliveries, but they had one! Not only that, it was an ALL WHEEL DRIVE, which we learned was a new option on the 2020’s. The closest comparison to that is the Sprinter 4X4 which is so much more expensive and we didn’t think we wanted to deal with diesel engines. The ceiling height in the Ford Transit is a few inches higher than the ProMaster. It was the best height, all wheel drive, and the wheel base and length we were looking for along with an affordable price. Perfect.

So, WE BOUGHT OUR VAN! Our ride is a 2020 AWD Ford Transit 350 EcoBoost 148 Long, High Roof ready for us to build our camper van to travel the country in, to have a good night on the trail.

Mr. Knightley has already taken us on a day trip.
Mr. Knightley has already taken us on a day trip.