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As we visit US state parks we will write a review with detailed information you can’t get without actually visiting. Get the inside scoop.

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Best Gear 🧳 for RVs

Campervan Must Haves 🚐

Check out the new page I added to the menu. There you will find my favorite must haves and the best gear to maximize your small living space and to magnify the enjoyment of your home on the road.


Click this link for the Best Gear Page


Access to the best gear page is also on the home page. If you’re on your phone, click on the “hamburger menu” 🍔 It’s called that because it looks like a hamburger?? You know a top, middle and bottom, the three lines stacked looks like one. To make things more confusing for newbies, the hamburger menu can also be just two lines in case you have a sandwich of just bread … Anyway…..

Packing and moving in! It is very important to outfit your van for efficiency and it takes some creativity to live well in the tight space. One thing to consider is to try to have more than one use for everything. Also, think small or compact to save even more space.

kitchen cabinet holds the water heater and layers of toiletries & cleaning supplies
driver’s bench houses the lithium batteries with storage above

All of the items I list on the Best Gear Page have been tried and tested for over two and a half years traveling part time and also living full time on the trail. Each is linked to the best place to research and/or purchase. Currently, I do not make a commission on anything. I will continue to add to this list! Join our mailing list for current updates.



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