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  • Best Gear 🧳

    Best Gear 🧳

    Must Haves 🚐 Check out the new page I added to the menu. There you will find my favorite must haves and the best gear to maximize your one-room cabin and to magnify the enjoyment of your home on the road. Click this link for the Best Gear Page or go to the home page…

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  • Week 4 Full Time

    Week 4 Full Time

    Camper Van πŸ’— Love it or leave it ↔️ It’s hard sometimes to decide on where to stay for the night. Often it’s just a decision to park somewhere to get a good night sleep after a long ride, or it’s a choice on waking up in a beautiful setting or to be close to…

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  • Week 2 Full Time

    Week 2 Full Time

    Camper Van 🍎 She Took My Apple!? Last week we finished up in Carson City, Nevada after our stay at a Harvest Host, an Alpaca Farm with cute Alpaca personalities and a gorgeous sunset. After two weeks traveling full time, we are coming up on the most days out on the road in a row!…

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  • Camper Van Going Full Time!

    Camper Van Going Full Time!

    🚐 In our DIY Home on the Road 🚐  We’ve Made our Dream Come True. After several years of dreaming of building a camper van to travel in, we downsized from our home in Colorado, moved to Wyoming and bought a van soon after in January of 2021. When we saw this Ford Transit with all…

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  • Portable Shower

    Portable Shower

    Camper Van Modular Bathroom 2020 AWD Ford Transit 350, 148 wheelbase We’ve been building and trying out our ideas and designs on many trips for 2 years and have our happy balance of needs and wants in a camper van. For more openess and counter space in the 148 wb, we finally opted for a…

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  • Van Windows – Winking

    Van Windows – Winking

    November 16, 2021 “…Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes, And Nod is a little head, And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies Is a wee one’s trundle-bed; So shut your eyes while Mother sings Of wonderful sights that be, And you shall see the beautiful things As you rock in the misty sea…

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