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As we visit US state parks we will write a review with detailed information you can’t get without actually visiting. Get the inside scoop.

Do you want to travel? Check out this temperature gauge tool to choose US destinations based on your personal criteria for the perfect temperatures any week of the year.

Best Temperature Gauge

#1 Travel Tip

πŸ“Hey fellow travelers, let me tell you about my favorite new travel locator, a temperature guide. This is a fun, time-saver tool for everyone and for so many situations. It has been exciting to find surprising new places to journey to and know before we go. Saving time is saving money.

It is so helpful for us plan our best routes and to find fun, new places to chase 70 degrees across the U.S. in our camper van full time. It has been eye opening to see locations we never would have thought of or known about in different parts of the country to visit throughout the seasons.


  • Know What Kinds of Temperatures are Expected for Your Travel Dates and Location
  • Plan Ahead For the Best Chances of Good Weather and Comfortable Temperatures
  • So Easy to Use and Such a Time Saver
  • So Fun to Explore Where and When to Travel!
  • Beat the Crowds and Find Great, Lesser-Known Travel Destinations
  • Erase The Winter Blues and Experience the Excitement of Looking For Your Perfect Travel Destination
  • The Coolest; no Warmest; Just Right Temperature, Travel Guide

Plus, there are so many other useful ways to use this inside information. Here’s the scoop.

Find the Best Temperatures All Year

Are You Looking for the Best Temperatures?

  • It’s the middle of winter and you’re so tired of being cold and you’re just dreaming of a long weekend to get away and get your toes in the surf and sand…
  • A business trip is coming up in a month or so having no idea what temperatures to expect and what clothes to pack…
  • It’s the middle of the summer. It’s hot and sweaty and you’re dreaming of the perfect place to enjoy a white Christmas…
  • Snowbirds who full-time in an RV want to follow the best seasonal temperatures and wanting to find a route…
  • Wedding bells are ringing for the best places to choose from for all to celebrate, looking fresh and beautiful all day with lasting hair and makeup…
  • You’re an athlete and you want to train outdoors in not too hot and not too cold temperatures but don’t know where to go…
  • Planning a family reunion venue in a comfortable location has fallen on your shoulders to organize not knowing where to start looking …
  • You’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to explore and want the best chances for the happiest new adventures but don’t know the best time to be there…

Destination Locator

Look at weeks and dates for any time of the year, with Chasing70Degrees.Com. You can quickly select your range to find where your comfortable temperature stats show up on the map and plan your travels for the best trip based on those averaged degrees.

Whatever you are planning, know ahead of time and have the best chances for the most comfortable weather to enjoy. It is so fun to look and plan for your destination! There are so many new places I’ve discovered to check out making plans to visit based on this super helpful temperature locator.

Best Travel Destination

With the help of Chasing70Degrees.Com you can find your best travel destination and narrow down your dates and the best time of the year to go.

Grand Tetons

Best Snowbird Destinations

Find interesting new snowbird routes and places along the way by simply looking for your optimal temperature pins on the map. Identify the best dates to travel through to your next stopover where you can more thoroughly enjoy the time outside and also worry less about the cold or the heat and how it affects you and your RV.

Texas State Parks

Business Trip Planning

Identify what temperatures to expect for your travel dates for business trips or other planned travel events. Is it usually pleasant temperatures? Have a better idea on what to pack in your suitcase.

Boston Massachusetts

What to Wear There

Get the scoop on what to wear and bring in your bags. Have a better idea by looking at the expected range of temperatures for those dates for that time of the year and the location.

Best Temperature Gauge

By quickly and easily selecting your preferred range of highs and lows that are comfortable for you, Chasing70Degrees.Com will drop pins that map out the locations that are just right. Based on your personal criteria that is quickly and easily selected, in a range that you personally prefer for the best comfortable temperatures, it’s easy to identify where and when to go. It is a fun time saver.

Temperature data that has been collected is gathered on each of the location pins all over the U.S. to determine the average. Customize your perfect temperature ranges in the input boxes and then move the slider for dates to find your perfect destination for that time period. Or, pick when to go to your favorite place as it slides and see the best dates based on the pin color results showing your perfect range statistics on the map.

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wherever you go on your journey.

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