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  • Best Temperature Gauge

    Best Temperature Gauge

    #1 Travel Tip πŸ“Hey fellow travelers, let me tell you about my favorite new travel locator, a temperature guide. This is a fun, time-saver tool for everyone and for so many situations. It has been exciting to find surprising new places to journey to and know before we go. Saving time is saving money. It…

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  • Find Camping in the US

    Find Camping in the US

    How to Search for Campgrounds πŸ•οΈ 🚐 Just a couple of clicks away is a great camping or boondocking stay! Take advantage of my experience and resources. It can be overwhelming to search for and get all of the information to make reservations when making travel plans. Our favorite types of places to camp and…

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  • Where We Are in Photos

    Where We Are in Photos

    🚐 6ix Months Everyone!! Week 25, 175 Days Exploring πŸŒ„ Unexpected sad news of a family member and his passing brought us west to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We drove 21 hours to be by my cousin’s side for her husband’s memorial. I’m so grateful that we were able to safely drive there for a quick…

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  • Week 4 Full Time

    Week 4 Full Time

    Camper Van πŸ’— Love it or leave it ↔️ It’s hard sometimes to decide on where to stay for the night. Often it’s just a decision to park somewhere to get a good night sleep after a long ride, or it’s a choice on waking up in a beautiful setting or to be close to…

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  • Week 3 Full Time

    Week 3 Full Time

    Camper Van Are We Finding a Groove in the Redwood Groves? 🚐  We’ve Made our Dream Come True. After several years of dreaming of building a camper van to travel in, we bought a 2020 AWD Ford Transit and built our travel home on wheels. Check our website home 🏠 to see more articles about…

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  • Week 2 Full Time

    Week 2 Full Time

    Camper Van 🍎 She Took My Apple!? Last week we finished up in Carson City, Nevada after our stay at a Harvest Host, an Alpaca Farm with cute Alpaca personalities and a gorgeous sunset. After two weeks traveling full time, we are coming up on the most days out on the road in a row!…

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