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Camper Van Going Full Time!

🚐 In our DIY Home on the Road

🚐  We’ve Made our Dream Come True. After several years of dreaming of building a camper van to travel in, we downsized from our home in Colorado, moved to Wyoming and bought a van soon after in January of 2021. When we saw this Ford Transit with all that we wanted to build a camper van, we knew it was meant to be.

We traveled the last two years while we built it out, trying different floor plans and finding out what worked. We balanced needs and desires and space (which is not a lot) and finished with the perfect build for us.

Our van at Sylvan Lake State Park

Now, we will be traveling the country in our camper van, a 2020 Ford Transit AWD 350 148 high roof. We built everything from scratch with 8020 aluminum exposed framing and whitewash finish cabinets and coordinated our eclectic farmhouse style amenities. We added all of our necessities that provide the comforts of home 🏠

Inside of our camper van

Then, surprise! So many things lined up and checked so many boxes that enabled us to make the decision to go on the road full time, at least for about a year.

The big checks that lined up: 

βœ… We finished building our camper van.

βœ… Bill’s longtime corporate job ended in June.

βœ… I am currently unemployed.

βœ… The kids were ready to rent an apartment after living with us for a year, but we off handedly asked if they’d rent our house instead. Yes!

βœ… Grand baby #2 was born and blessed.

βœ… As a couple, we have practiced ironing out details of living in our van and being together 24/7 and still want to try full timing in a camper van for a year. 

βœ… Many other little stars lined up ✨

We loaded most of our house into storage over the last month and a half and got everything else in order.

Then, we packed the van for a year to crisscross the United States of America, our spectacular and diverse country. It’s been a wonder and a dream for almost a decade and everything we’ve prepared for fell into place for us to make it happen. 

Clothes are packed in the upper bins, bedding is in the bench cubbies, shoes and boots are in storage containers, dishes are in the drawers, cleaning supplies are in the potty box, pantry items are in the drawers and refrigerator and freezer foods are in the electric drawer cooler.

Everything we need for a year trip for the seasons is in its designated spot.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ† How fitting that we venture off at the beginning of the month of July, as we celebrate our beloved country, independence and freedom and as we embark to explore from sea to shining sea.

Our goal is to connect with people and places through visiting, service and good will, experience freedom and bonding through traveling together and unveil the spirit of uniting with nature’s Divine details. 

Follow us as we share how we live by these themes and principles through our adventures, as we have joy in all aspects of the journey and refine our spirits through purposeful experiences.  May we meet up in person on our adventure or through our posts. As always, fellow travelers, have a good night on the trail wherever you are.

πŸŒ… πŸšβœ¨πŸŒ™

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