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Best Portable Shower

Camper Van Modular Bathroom

2020 AWD Ford Transit 350, 148 wheelbase

Our tried and true design we built after trying out many ideas we saw from others on social media and we were just not satisfied. We tried them all out on many trips for two years and now have our happy balance of needs and wants in a camper van.

For more openess and counter space in the 148 wb, we finally opted for a portable shower instead of dedicated wetbath since, at most, it’s used 1x a day each and we’re not a fan of damp and small spaces, especially my 6’2” husband.

We finally decided on our best shower idea and made a modular “garage box” that holds the shower pan (dirty clothes and more). It creates a u-shape sitting area with our cushions and the other two bed panels become the table tops during the day.

Check out more details and descriptions about our shower and shower pan on the Best Gear Page under the Bathroom section.

The best design for an indoor shower that doubles as an outdoor shower.
Shower pan sits inside our “garage box” when not in use then laundry bags.
Our cabin design set up for daytime living.

The “tub” just lifts out, then is placed by the slider door and the drain port clicks onto the hose which pumps to the gray tank. Having all of the water systems on one side simplifies our design.

The curtain, that doubles as the shower curtain (2 sewn together is perfect), simply gets pulled around on the track from the ceiling. My nurse daughter gave me the curtain track idea 💡 This system allows for air drying and no mildew buildup.

When using a “water proof” or similar type of shower curtain so that the water does not soak into the material, it really makes for quick and easy to dry method. We sometimes dry with a towel and we don’t need to fold it up to put it away as it’s always hanging up. It doubles as a privacy curtain behind the passenger seat or between the slider door and the sink cabinet as the track goes all the way behind. It always has airflow. We use a tie back to keep it neat and in place.

This additional privacy curtain pulls separately around the potty area.